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Everything was fine, woke up paid rent, cell and internet Then went to order something and got denied with plenty of money in my account. Go to ATM and denied again, called these *** and after 37 minutes they answered Said I have to wait to get MY money until 24hrs passes, so I tell them *** no this is MY money not US Banks, and they said well if you go to a branch you can have the teller get a withdrawal.

I drove 19 miles and wait in line for 20 min while 1teller does the counter and drive thru and some lazy *** punk sits at his desk and does nothing finally get to the teller had to put my information in their branch system and still get denied! Call this morning after giving up yesterday and system says all reps are busy and call back later, then hangs up!!! Who can sue the *** out of them for me for hardship, theft and stress that I do not deserve? Because this *** has to be illegal somehow!!!

Go out of your way to not bank with these idiots and criminals!

Bad thing is that nobody does *** to them, so they just keep doing it.... This has to stop!!


User's recommendation: Stay the *** away from USBank period.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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You clearly don't understand banking... Go back to using money orders.

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