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My father passed away a few months ago I have subsequently as the sole executor and beneficiary closed several Bank accounts investment accounts and an account with a brokerage firm all with the same paperwork a death certificates Social Security numbers and copies of driver's license all of the above including the sale of his house which includes mortgage companies title company and bank and realtor have all been subsequently closed money is transferred into executor account. All of the above total out to substantially more then what is in his US Bank checking accounts.

however US Bank has found it necessary to throw a wrench into the mix requiring a certificate of testimony which means I would have to drive 8 hours to the courts in Colorado as I live out of state in order to obtain this piece of paper to have what little is in this checking account released. How cold is it of this Bank to expect someone who has recently buried a parent to get in their car and drive 8 hours in order to close out a small checking account when all of the above mentioned were able to comply with the paperwork that we have faxed and overnighted to US Bank. And might I also mention we have been contacting US Bank since November 3rd 2017 it is now January 30th 2018 we just in the last couple days found out about this little piece of paper that is needed after probably 30 phone calls talking to 15 or 16 different people. And overnighting twice and faxing once the information originally requested which was the same information that all the other Banks and investment houses required I find this Ludacris and a bit overwhelming when all I'm trying to do is close these accounts get the money into the executor account so that I can distribute the funds as my father has directed.

Truthfully I'm not surprised their fees are some of the highest in the banking industry and my aunt when closing-out bank accounts for a great-aunt had success with four banks no issues in closing out the great-aunts accounts.

however US Bank required of her more information and charged a fee that was four times the amount of all the other four Banks. as soon as I resolve this matter I will be closing my checking and savings account as well I will not recommend US Bank to anyone and I certainly will let everyone know how lousy they are with customers we are nothing but a number.

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Bank Checking Account.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Same thing happen to me my husband pass away he had a account in us bank not much money but i wanted to close it they gave me a such a hard time its only $200 in that account its enough im greaving and falling apart of him being gone i dint need to deal with rudness of people in us bank.the account is still open its ridiculous they charge montly maintenance fee.

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