In 2013 I took outa car loan from US Bank. It was paid in a timely matter every month.

In December 2018 it was paid in full. There is a notation in my file that ''the process'' began to send a notice to the Iowa DMV. No such notice was ever received by them. In 2020 I hit a deer and the car was totalled.

When I applied to the DMV to switch plates to a new car I learned that the wrecked vehicle is still owned by US Bank. I called US Bank and was placed on hold for forty minutes listening to nerve rattling "music. The most horrible noise I ever heard in my life. To make a long story short I then screamed at a machine asking me stupid questions about my credit card.

Then I finally got the machine to send me to another person, an actual human being after an hour or more of the call. Back to the godawful music for an hour and then I gave up. I have PTSD and I don't react well to frustration or to rudeness. I tied with out success several times more.

Finally on December 15 I got an actual person on the phone. Someone who was I believe, a loan specialist, who really tried to help me. After spending quite a while discussing my case he promised to help and he said he'd call me back. I asked him if he could either send me the title or a letter stating that the loan was paid and a notary stamp on it.

He said he could not do that in spite of knowing by my file that the bill has been paid. He could only send it on to some mysterious corporate division called ''the process'' with whom no one but authorized employees are allowed to speak.. There is a notice in my file that ''the process'' was begun. But as usual neither I nor the state of Iowa have received any messages from ''the process'' or the credit specialist.

I assume the poor guy was fired for trying to help a customer. To make a very long and excruciating story a little shorter I have spent at least, at least fif5y hours talking to banker, local and in other places. I've tried and tried to get some answers from the dreaded ''process''. I've been stymied and frustrated every time.

My nerves are shot, and I shake too hard to drive. My blood pressure is sky high, and I'm getting chest pains from my recent triple bypass. I'm still paying my insurance on a wrecked vehicle and tags and fees, and I can't get my insurance settlement until I get notice, notarized and with a us Bank letterhead that the bill is paid. Since it's been two months, plus another two years, I don't know if any settlement is possible.

When I was at Iowa Law School, forty years ago, I was taught that in the eyes of the law, corporations are people. Well, your corporation is a horrible person, One no person, not even my worst enemy, should ever have to know. The time for apology has passed. I have my medical records and record of hours spent spinning my tires and talking to brick walls.

My next act will not be a another landline phone destroyed by hours of trying to get something done. It will be to find the best litigator available.

User's recommendation: Stay away. Don't even consider a loan, if you value you economic and physical health.

Location: Williamsburg, Iowa

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