In order to get my new debit card, that was ordered almost 2 weeks ago. I didn't receive my card so I call around and was told that I would have to take several pictures of my DL then a selfie.

With high dues & not acceptable rules. Well, I made a mistake. It's the weekend and I would have to call back on Tuesday to see if it would be accepted, well because the representative had told me if it had any glares they would not accept my documents. My luck was not letting me go back or redo the mistake.

Worried, I call back , I even explained to have a child with covid. I was told a notice was sent out, after an address change notice dated the 4th of January was received on the 14th 10 days latter it was now my fault. I asked for other options, to speak to the department that received & reviewed the offline department. Apparently they cannot be bothered.

End of story with sorry you don't like the rules, with a jaja in her voice.

I'm not one to beg but when out of work with a child that needs medicine I tried everything. We are in a pandemic there has to be a way to get thru to this bank.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Huntington Park, California

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