US Bank purchased my home mortgage from my previous lender. They set up my impound account incorrectly and completely overlooked the due date of my property taxes, which have ALWAYS been impounded in my payments.

My property taxes are now late and the taxes due come with a 10% penalty. The information about my upcoming property tax bill was provided to US Bank prior to the due date...both during the transfer of my loan by my previous lender, and from myself prior to the due date via email (which I received a response). They still haven't paid it and I keep getting the runaround on the phone as to what is being done about it. These people are horrible at customer service.

There will be *** to pay if they take that penalty amount out of my impound account or if the County puts a lien on my house for non-payment of taxes. Anyone know of any good law firms out there willing to pursue a class action lawsuit if they do this?

I'll be looking at that option. I hate businesses that don't care, that they are so big, nothing hurts them unless they subject to millions of dollars in fines.

User's recommendation: Pay your taxes and insurance yourself. Don't impound. And if you do, pay attention to the fees on your impound account along with the entire account in general.

Location: Yucaipa, California

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