I've been with US Bank since 2004. And until recently, my only real issue with the bank has been the tendency of their anti-fraud detection system to place a 'hold' on my Visa/Debit and Visa credit card for no particular reason and without any kind of notice that it was done...

which has generally ended with me being embarrassed in fast food drive thrus and stores because my purchase with said cards has been denied. Then I have to spend 20+ minutes 'on hold' to speak with someone to have the 'block' removed from the card(s). However, because of my current unemployment situation, I have become, for the first time, past due on my credit card account. And THAT is where the issue of their collection practices has been an issue that I consider 'shady' and is most definitely harassment.

Perhaps once or twice a week, I will receive a call from US Bank's Card Member Services, from the same number listed on my credit card and Visa Debit card. They will leave a voice mail message, since my phone app automatically forwards all calls, from any number not listed in my Contacts list,directly to my voice mail. HOWEVER... there is another number calling, 1-800-236-4188, which is allegedly associated with US Bank and ELAN Financial Services, according to "800Notes.com".

This number is not listed anywhere on the websites of either institution AND they have been calling 3-4 times a day, every day, for several months now. They NEVER leave a message and when you call the number, you get an automated systems that identifies itself solely as "Card Services", without any indication of WHO they are 'card services' for. That alone is more than sufficient reason for caution and to be dubious as to their legitimacy. When you call them, the automated system seems to recognize your number and asks if you are "...

calling about credit card ending with" and lists the last 4 of the credit card number associated with your phone number. It will give you the option to enter the 16-digit number of another credit card, if you do not respond or say, "No." to the last 4 numbers is asked you about. It will repeat this cycle repeatedly if you do not respond at all and will eventually give you an option to speak with a customer representative but will never automatically transfer you to one, unless you actually say, "Customer Service". I have never said it, since I have no intention of speaking with anyone from an organization that makes daily harassment calls without leaving any sort of message as to who they are and why they are calling.

If you can't announce yourself and the purpose of your call, you should NOT expect a return call but should expect formal complaints filed for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting and debt collection laws, with the appropriate Federal and State departments tasked with addressing violations of said laws. A class action suit may become an option to address this issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Us Bank Customer Care.

Reason of review: inappropriate collections/harassment.

Preferred solution: Do not call from unassociated number and refuse to leave any voice message identifying who is calling and the purpose of the call. I will not respond to such calls, period..

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