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So if you are to read up on schemes that banks use to encourage overdrafts. US bank uses every possible scheme to make this happen they get a ton of their money from overdrafts.

So they try to make you overdraft if this is not the sneakiest thing I'm not sure what is they will hold transactions for the maximum amount of days on purpose. the single most dishonest scam they do is say you go out and you know you have around 100 dollars in your account. if you spend 25 bucks on dinner 10 on gas 10 on beer and 5 on a pack of smokes all at separate locations, then 75 at the bar. so in your mind you think OK I might have one overdraft and that would be the 75$ right.

well that is not the way us bank does it they will take out the 75$ (most expensive)first. Then the 25$(second most expensive) so all of the other three transactions are considered overdrafts. So instead of only having one Overdraft now you have 3. One for the gas one for the beer and the other for the smokes grand totaling 37x3=111 which is way more than you were expecting to get hit with.

This is a known scheme that US bank uses. I have been with US bank for 11 years and until I read the schemes that banks use to encourage overdrafts. I had no idea why I was over-drafting so frequently. Now I realize it was not me but the shiesty institution that US bank runs.

I am now taking my money out of US bank because I realize they not only use this scheme but every other scheme that I read they use.

Making them a very bad institution to manage my money through.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Actually they re-order the transactions. They'll hold them and post in whatever order works to their advantage to maximize the fees.

Most if not all banks use software developed to do this, I wrote some code for a bank. There is a national class action lawsuit going on now, US Bank is one of the banks named. The language of their disclosure is what is troublesome - it states they may on occasion do this.

But in reality they do it all the time, which they do not state in their disclosures. This is why the courts have approved the suit to go ahead.


If you all realy understood how a bank works you would not be sitting here wondering why you got charged these fees when realy you are spending money you dont have. It is ilegal for a bank charge you without cause. also if you used your card at 5 different locations the transactions that clears first is the usualy the transaction that was submited first by the retailer.


I just thought of a way you guys can avoid all of those overdraft fees the bank is scheming to charge you...and there's nothing the bank can do about it...



I have similar experience with US BANK -ISSAQUAH (branch).

My pay check bounced on April 16 and they charged me with 3 over charge fees and 2 return check fees (each costs me $37.50).

I called them on April 17 and they agreed to *** 3 of the overdraft charges and I agreed to pay the other fees. After that on the same day, I deposited 2 checks and thought that everything it would be all right. On April 20, I found out that US BANK-ISSAQUAH WA branch charged me with 5 over draft charges and 3 return check fees! I tried to talk to one of the supervisors she said that I didn't make the deposit/transfer in time, and the charges were made on posted items although I KNOW because I checked on-line they were done while the item was pending).

I can't believe this, my husband has been their customer more than 20 years and this is how they treat their customer?

I am closing my account and my other accounts with them! NOMORE BUSINESS WITH US BANK

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