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Went to US Bank in Kearney, NE to withdraw money from my son's savings account so he would have money to drive home to Michigan for the summer. After withdrawing the funds, we ran some errands then went to his place of work, which didn't open until 10:00 a.m., to get his paycheck.

We went back to US Bank to cash his paycheck and they would not cash it because he did not have an active account!

He did not close his account, just withdrew the money that was there ***less than one hour prior!***. So, US bank has lost a customer when he returns to school in the fall!

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with any bank if a account is not active and the check is not drawn off that bank and the funds in the account would not cover the cashing amount the bank will not cash a check. Mainly because if the check turns out to be bad the account goes way negative, and because the account is not active there is a decreased chance the person of the account will pay the bank back.

I'm not saying this is your situation this is probably why this happened.

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